Frequently Asked Questions

Can your courses really make a difference?

Partners and participants say so. Because most lawyers have received limited training in legal writing, even a relatively short program can make a big difference. To be effective, a program must be realistic about the time lawyers can spend on their legal writing. Our courses offer practical tips for solving writing issues partners indicate as core concerns. The method is designed to maximize learning with minimal time investment (see Realistic Writing Help for Busy Lawyers). Participants consistently give the courses the highest marks and partner satisfaction is near 100%.

We got more from this 3.5-hour training than in other 1.5-day trainings on the same topic.
R. Radulescu, Regional Learning & Development Manager, Kinstellar, Bucharest, Romania

In your Contract Drafting workshop, you explained in three hours what took my legal writing professor half a year!
Lawyer, Norton Rose, Frankfurt

What makes your courses so effective?

  • They follow an approach developed over two decades of international experience.
  • They give participants a method for systematically drafting legal documents that is easy to remember and implement in practice.
  • They focus on the most common problems we see.
  • They target the most common partner complaints.
  • They are interactive, are short on lecture time, and use real examples from practice.
  • They use a language-based approach, so are relevant regardless of the jurisdiction or project.
  • They can be tailored to client needs.
  • In the course-specific 60-page Materials Bank, participants receive practical lists, examples, exercises, and explanations that bring immediate and ongoing improvement.

Are your courses only for non-native English speakers?

No. Most of what we cover is equally useful for native and non-native speakers, and many native speakers attend our courses.

How many participants can attend a course?

There is no limit, but 10 to 15 is usually ideal. We have taught groups of all sizes and divide large groups into smaller groups for discussion and interaction tasks. The smaller the group the more personal attention we can give to each participant. Also, courses are more effective if participants are on the same general level.

Can partners / senior supervisors attend?

Yes. In fact, we highly encourage it because (1) it sets a good example for other participants, (2) it enhances interaction and an exchange of views, and (3) it means that all parties learn the same principles and can therefore apply them more effectively in practice.

More specifically, the Master Class course (see Courses) helps partners and supervisors give more effective direction and feedback to juniors so partners/supervisors spend less time editing.

What are the fees and costs?

Fees are market rate. We may request help with reasonable travel expenses.

What do the fees cover?

  • The training
  • An individual determination of the client’s needs via direct discussions, partner questionnaires, and analysis of writing samples
  • All course materials, including a course-specific Materials Bank for follow-up work
  • A license to reproduce the Materials Bank and additional course materials for all participants
  • Our answers to follow-up email questions from participants

Can we record the training?

Unfortunately not. A key to the success of our courses is their interactive approach – impossible with videotape.

What about remote learning?

You have three options: (1) remote individual / small group coaching, (2) remote live webinars, and (3) our new Online Resource Center, which has seven modules. Each module has videos, support materials, and practice exercises with answers. Please ask for more information.

What do you need for the training?

We need (1) a beamer with computer cable, (2) a flip chart with markers, and (3) a large projection screen. About one week before the courses, we will send the course materials by email and ask you to print hard copies for all participants. No advance preparation is required.

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