More Selected Feedback

“I enjoyed [Legal Writing Basics: Three Key Skills] immensely. It was not just entertaining and interesting but also extremely useful for my daily work (already today I used something from the workshop). I have already been asked by colleagues from other years to send them the materials. Simply very well done!“
Lawyer, CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany

“I found Chris’ workshop very relevant to my day-to-day work in English. But not only that. He also inspired me to rethink the texts I draft in other languages.”
A. Filipov, partner, Schoenherr, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Your course was a pleasure for us too. We’ve been talking about it ever since we arrived at the office today, and everyone seems to think it was very good and they enjoyed it very much. One common comment was that we got more from this 3.5-hour training than in other 1.5-day trainings on the same topic.”
R. Radulescu, Regional Learning & Development Manager, Kinstellar, Bucharest, Romania

“As you can gather from the feedback, your slot was fantastically received. We would like to thank you very much and would be especially pleased if you can present again at our next Associates Career Days.“
G. von Eisenhart-Rothe, HR Coordinator, CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany

“Chris provided our teams with excellent trainings by particularly focusing on several lawyers’ major weakness: the ability to write legal texts in a client-oriented, short, precise and efficient way. The practical examples were extremely helpful and forced me to reconsider my writing style.”
C. Moser, partner, Weber, Vienna, Austria

“Chris Jensen’s seminar, held in our firm for our associates as part of the DBJ Akademie, was a great contribution; all participants were enthusiastic in their feedback.”
W. Brugger, partner, Dorda Brugger Jordis, Vienna, Austria

“Chris‘ lessons significantly influence my daily writing work – both the English and the German parts of it!”
T. Klopp, lawyer, Freshfields, Hamburg

“I attended your legal writing workshop last summer and am currently pursuing my LL.M. at NYU. I am about to finish and submit my master thesis and am going over my draft in an attempt to shorten and sharpen it and I am doing so with your handout in front of me. I have had a whole semester of legal research and writing here and was forced to read several books on this subject, none of which provided such a helpful tool as your annexes [in the Materials Bank]. I am a particular fan of the transition words, since I catch myself being highly repetitive and somewhat uncreative in this regard!”
A. Simotta, lawyer, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Heinz, Vienna, Austria

“An impressive understanding of the writing challenges our lawyers face.”
M. Vojnovic, partner, Schoenherr, Belgrade, Serbia

“The feedback was very good, they especially mentioned your dynamic teaching style and the numerous examples.”
K. Dvorak, HR Head, CHSH, Vienna, Austria

“I have received excellent feedback from my colleagues. Many thanks!“
S. Dvorak, partner, Dvorak Hager, Prague, Czech Republic

“I am positively surprised how much good advice you could give to us in just about 4 hours. I found the course very useful, not only to my writing in English. It was also very helpful to develop my German writing skills. Thank you.”
M. Madany, lawyer, Hule Bachmayr-Heyda Nordberg, Vienna, Austria

“The feedback was fantastic.”
N. Kogler, administrator, Eisenberger & Herzog, Vienna, Austria

“Your session this morning [Three Key Skills] was incredibly insightful.”
A. Ng, lawyer Freshfields, Hong Kong

“Chris‘ training combined the best features: Great atmosphere, very informative content and excellent hands on exercises. I really enjoyed it!”
A. Seling, lawyer, Dorda Brugger Jordis, Vienna, Austria

“Chris‘ workshop was a great experience. He understands how to get you to where you are going and leads you in a very professional and also funny manner through the seminar, which was a great contribution to enhancing our legal writing skills.”
M. Thom, lawyer, Freshfields, Frankfurt, Germany

“We very much enjoyed the courses and learned really a lot. I will make sure that we put the knowledge we learned from you into practice!”
P. Jalsovszky, partner, Jalsovszky law firm, Budapest, Hungary

“Having been speaking English since the age of two, I was reluctant to believe the course would be of added value. I could not have been more wrong. What I appreciate most are the useful tips and Chris’ ability to immediately detect concealed mistakes in one’s writing. The course is also very helpful for those aiming to become certified court interpreters for the English language.”
P. Smolnikar, lawyer, Schoenherr, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Chris‘ course was a pleasure for me. His advice is valuable not only for improving my legal writing in English but also for my daily work as a lawyer.”
M. Aryobsei, lawyer, Freshfields, Germany

“Mr. Jensen’s well-founded legal knowledge and pedagogical approach are the perfect combination, imparting the knowledge that allows you to make your texts more legible, and helping you to enjoy your daily work.”
L. Solek, lawyer, Eisenberger & Herzog, Vienna, Austria

“I feel that Chris provides a very good step-by-step breakdown of the proper approach to writing that is lacking from a number of legal writing classes I have taken previously. He walks students through the writing process in a way that is practical and lends itself to routine usage. I appreciate the straightforward nature of the instruction and the examples, which demonstrated how the tools provided can minimize errors. Chris‘ system seems to mirror good writing in that it is concise, effective, yet readily understandable.”
M. Thompson, lawyer, Keller and Heckman, Shanghai, China

“The feedback from the event in Dusseldorf was really good. We now plan to enrich more of our offices with your courses.”
S. Hirsch, HR Manager, Hogan Lovells, Germany

“Many thanks for your great contribution to the training session in Tokyo. We enjoyed your unique and informative legal writing session as well.”
H. Mihara, partner, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, Tokyo, Japan

“Many thanks for the great trainings on Saturday. Both the associates and attorneys loved it!”
B. Kitic, administrator, Maravcevic Vojnovic & Partner, Belgrade, Serbia

“The presenter was incredibly nice; great atmosphere.”
Lawyer, Transactional Drafting, Dorda Brugger Jordis, Vienna, Austria

“The drafting session was very well received. I too was pleased with the session and will run it again.”
M. Hill, Asia Learning & Development Manager, Freshfields, Hong Kong

“The workshops were great. I have learned a lot of new stuff. Now I have the great opportunity to practice – I have to write a long memo in English. Good that I was at your workshop last week!”
J. von Marschall, lawyer, Freshfields, Munich

“I don’t think there is anything to be changed. For me personally, it was the right training, taking place at the right time, with the right speaker.“
Lawyer, Kinstellar, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Mr. Jensen comes at the subject from the inside…a pragmatic approach that reflects the realities of corporate legal work.”
V. Kevehazi, Senior Partner, KPMG, Bucharest, Romania

“The contract drafting work was relevant, fast-paced and fun. I wish it had lasted longer.”
A. Leyrer, Senior Expert, OMV, Vienna, Austria

“I have recommended your training to all my colleagues and friends. It was a great workshop and I have learned a lot of new things.”
K. Lamberger, lawyer, PHHV law firm, Vienna, Austria

“Chris’s workshop can be useful even for professionals who consider themselves strong in business English – one should never underestimate the benefit of rethinking the basics.”
V. Kobe, lawyer, Schoenherr, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“A great way to enhance my English legal writing while also saving time doing so.”
M. Gottgeisl, lawyer, Eversheds, Vienna, Austria

“Chris‘ coaching sessions offer much more than simple English lessons – they give you very practical suggestions on how to improve the way you give legal advice.”
E. Skufca, lawyer, Schoenherr, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Outstanding style by simplification – very helpful, not only for your English writing skills.”
F. Kremsner, lawyer, Brauneis, Klauser, Praendl, Vienna, Austria

“Even if you think that you are already on a really nice level of ‚Juridical English in the best mid-European style,‘ Chris shows you reality in two minutes.”
R. Salfenauer, Senior Legal Counsel, Lansky Ganzger & Partner, Vienna, Austria

“You know what to say – Chris shows you how to do it: short, concise, and straight to the point, while always using the appropriate tone. What more can a client or business partner ask for?”
P. Vargha, lawyer, Lansky Ganzger & Partner, Vienna, Austria

“Very good – this is just the sort of training we need more in Tokyo.”
Lawyer, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, Tokyo, Japan

“It was interesting even to a native speaker – covered a good range of issues from relatively toxic to complex.”
Lawyer, Freshfields, Shanghai, China

“Sounds more convincing from a guy who is a legal professional as well.”
Singapore lawyer in a global firm

“The speaker was charismatic and made what could have been a dry subject entertaining.”
Hong Kong lawyer in a global firm

“Chris’ plain English was easy for me to understand. Excellent speaker who knew the materials and delivered effectively. It helped me identify many bad habits.”
Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie, Tokyo, Japan

“This training was excellent and needs to be given regularly to all foreign associates so they can learn the important points.”
Lawyer, Oh-Ebashi, Tokyo, Japan

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