The Four-Step Edit: Memos & Reports

Systematic editing brings objectivity and can make good writing great. It can also reduce frustration and time spent redrafting. Yet few lawyers have a system for editing.

In this workshop, participants will learn a four-step approach for editing longer non-transactional documents (memos, reports, prospectuses, etc.), each step bringing greater refinement. Participants will learn how to transform their work by systematically editing for structure, two aspects of style, and usage (grammar, punctuation, legal vocabulary). Participants also receive a handy four-step editing checklist.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am Step 1: Structure – Logic and navigation aids
9:45 am Step 2: Concision – Cut words
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Step 3: Clarity – Simplify sentences
11:30 am Step 4: Usage – Common errors
12:00 noon End

-Usual duration: 3 hours
-Target group: Lawyers
Note: A follow-up Four-Step Edit: Part 2 is also available.


[The Four-Step Edit] is the best writing training I have ever received as it shows a simple and practical way to improve one’s day-to-day writing.

Lawyer, Skadden (Hong Kong)


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