Intensive Legal Usage

This interactive workshop offers an intensive treatment of legal usage (grammar, punctuation, vocabulary).

Participants take part in three tests of their ability to spot and correct the most common legal usage errors – from non-parallel constructions to mismatched prepositions to incorrect legal terminology. The tests use examples from participants’ own work product when possible. Participants also receive a list of 25 common legal usage errors.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am Test 1
9:30 am Discuss
10:00 am Test 2
10:30 am Discuss
11:00 am Break
11:15 am Test 3
11:45 am Discuss
12:00 noon End

-Duration: 3 hours
-Target groups: (1) New associates, (2) junior lawyers, (3) trainees, (4) support staff


Fantastic training. It should absolutely be repeated and take place more often. Extremely useful to every lawyer. 

Lawyer, CMS Hasche Sigle (Berlin)

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