The Legal Writing Coach Online Resource Center

The new Legal Writing Coach Online Resource Center (ORC) is a one-of-a-kind tool that helps lawyers improve their writing whenever it’s convenient for them. All items are short, targeted, and practical.

The ORC has seven modules that mirror our workshops, each targeting a common type of legal writing or problem area:

  • Memos & Reports
  • Contracts
  • Emails
  • Partners: Direction & Feedback
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Plain English
  • English Usage (grammar, vocabulary, punctuation errors)

Each module is divided into three parts:

  • Videos: Each from 5 to 12 minutes and each with a summary sheet for later review
  • Support Materials: Samples, cheat sheets, and articles by Mr. Jensen
  • Practice Exercises: Each with a model answer

Current videos: (more to come)

  1. How to structure a memo
  2. Systematic self-editing
  3. Structuring: 6 navigation aids
  4. Top transitioning
  5. Power paragraphs: 5 Tips
  6. Focus on the fact section
  7. Contract drafting: 5 common mistakes
  8. Rule-based reasoning
  9. Proper tone in correspondence
  10. Emails: 4 structuring tips
  11. 5 email do’s and don’ts
  1. How to approach a new writing project
  2. Effective time management
  3. Persuasive writing: Show, don’t tell
  4. Punctuate to persuade
  5. The power of parallel structure
  6. A Plain English primer
  7. Style: 5 Obama-inspired cuts
  8. Breaking up long sentences: 5 tips
  9. Breaking up long sentences: 5 more tips
  10. 5 common usage errors
  11. 5 more common usage errors

Current support materials: (more to come)

  1. Sample: Office memorandum
  2. Cheat sheet: Self-editing checklist
  3. Cheat sheet: Helpful transition words
  4. Article: Better time management
  5. Article: See and solve
  6. Sample: Standard contract structure
  7. Sample: Skeleton contract
  8. Cheat sheet: 11 common contract questions
  9. Sample: Email
  10. Cheat sheet: Emails: Salutations & closings
  11. Article: Emails: 10 do’s and don’ts
  12. Sample: Project management sheet
  13. Sample: Giving concrete feedback
  1. Article: Realistic writing help for busy lawyers
  2. Article: Change in attitude
  3. Cheat sheet: Concrete expression of ideas
  4. Cheat sheet: Show, don’t tell
  5. Cheat sheet: Style help from Microsoft Word
  6. Cheat sheet: Red-flag words to cut
  7. Sample: Edit sheet
  8. Cheat sheet: Expressing time in English
  9. Cheat sheet: UK v US legal usage
  10. Cheat sheet: Usage help from Microsoft Word
  11. Cheat sheet: Quoting in English
  12. Cheat sheet: Articles in English (a, an, the)
  13. Cheat sheet: 15 common usage questions

Current practice exercises: (more to come)

  1. Transitioning
  2. Rule-based reasoning
  3. Email structuring
  4. Style editing with feedback
  1. Parallel structures – lists
  2. Plain English
  3. English usage


We will add new material each month.

Screen shots of the ORC are available below.

Please let us know if you would like more information or free temporary access so you can see how the ORC works.

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Tel: +43 699 1722 9501


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