Poor communication is the no. 1 client complaint about lawyers. Emails are easily the most common type of lawyer-client communication.

This interactive workshop begins with 10 client-friendly email strategies, including how to structure using “ICRA“; close with clear next steps; edit for clarity and concision; and strike an appropriate, positive tone. Participants then break into groups and apply the 10 strategies to emails from practice. The workshop concludes with email “do’s and don’ts,“ including a handy checklist for each participant.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am 10 strategies: Structure, style, tone
11:00 am Break
11:15 am Email editing practice
11:45 am Email do’s and don’ts
12:00 noon End

-Usual duration: 3 hours
-Target groups: (1) Lawyers, (2) support staff


Being both informative and entertaining, Chris found an easy way to teach us how to improve our communication, forget our lawyerisms and fulfill our clients‘ needs in a more effective manner.

P. Jalsovszky, partner, Jalsovszky law firm (Budapest)


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