Legal Writing Basics: Three Key Skills

This foundational workshop addresses the three skills partners would most like to see improved in associates’ legal writing in English.

Participants begin by learning a technique for striking the right tone in legal correspondence. They then take part in a usage competition, with sentences from practice that test their ability to spot the most common legal vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation errors – followed by practical tips on how to avoid/correct them. Finally, participants learn how to cut their way to better style. Using samples from practice, they learn how to spot “red flags” in their writing and cut surplus words and syllables to achieve a lean style.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am Skill 1: Appropriate tone
10:00 am Skill 2: Correct usage
11:00 am Break
11:15 am Skill 3: Concise style
12:00 noon End

-Usual duration: 3 hours
-Target groups: (1) Lawyers, (2) trainees


We received very positive feedback from both sessions [Legal Writing Basics & The Four-Step Edit]. Especially the tests, examples, and mistakes were mentioned. The participants suggested having more time for the next trainings.

K. Spies, HR Head, CHSH (Vienna)

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