Intensive Plain English

This interactive workshop offers an intensive treatment of style – the most common problem in legal writing.

Readers know poor style when they see it. The problem is how to fix it. In the workshop, participants will learn the science behind transforming their style from “legalese” to “plain English” in three steps: (1) cut words/syllables, (2) simplify sentences, and (3) refine style using advanced style techniques. Participants practice the three steps while working through writing samples from legal practice.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am Step 1: Cut words/syllables for concision
10:00 am Step 2: Restructure sentences for clarity
11:00 am Break
11:15 am Step 3: Refine style
12:00 noon End

-Usual duration: 3 hours
-Target groups: (1) Lawyers, (2) support staff


The participants were – as usual – very happy with your training and think it to be very useful!

K. Musil, HR Manager, Freshfields (Vienna)

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